Monday, 25 July 2016

Utility of Polls in our day to day lives

Polls are really powerful tools for gathering insights or for collective decision making. From friends and social circles, to colleges, to businesses, to local communities, to the general public, everyone could find immense value out of organized polls. Some of the common examples of polls that can be created in our day to day lives, are: 

Opinion polls, for driving consensus and decision making within a community.
  • E.g. To decide on whether to include a new policy initiative in a residential society, the residents could use a poll to reach consensus.
Preference polls, can be used to plan out parties and outings with your friends.
  • E.g. To narrow down on a travel destination for the holidays, a poll among your friends might help.
Feedback polls, can boost your business by helping you understand your customers better.
  • E.g. A Restaurant may send out a friendly poll to its customers, to find out which dishes were their favorites, and which ones were turn offs.
Attendance and RSVP based polls, for event planning.
  • E.g. A poll send out to the alumni, in advance, to find out if they would be attending the upcoming reunion.
Real time polls for your audience, is a great way to increase their participation and involvement.
  • E.g. A speaker, during his presentation, may send out real time polls to his audience, and show the poll results during a later stage in the same presentation.
Polls across your organization, is a great way to involve and empower your employees, towards decision making processes.
  • E.g. A small business that wants to introduce automation in its daily operations, can send out a poll to its employees, to assess their willingness to the change.
Public polls, are a great way to assess public opinion and public sentiment, and bringing people together for social initiatives. Public opinion polls can be a critical force in shaping and transforming our society.
  • E.g. A poll to gather public opinion on the latest measures taken by the government to limit unemployment, or public opinion on whether a new movie is worth watching, and so on.
Pollpop is a Q&A/polling mobile app, which can address all of the scenarios stated above. It lets you create simple polls either for the public or exclusively for your friends and private connections. Once people start responding to your poll, you should be able to view various charts depicting the poll results. 

Some of the salient features of the app are:
  • Provides great deal of flexibility to configure and design your poll question – multiple choice, yes/no or rating based and so on, with images, maps, deadlines, privacy of poll results etc.
  • The poll results are made more interesting and insightful by classifying the audience according to their age group, gender, country and so on. These poll results can also viewed as charts.
  • Users can contribute to polls created by other users. You need to just swipe the screen and let the app serve you more and more interesting and popular public polls.
  • During all this process the app lets you make new friends and add new connections.

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